AOI is searching for two new Board members for a three-year term starting 01/01/23 and ending 12/31/25.

Here are the criteria for the positions we are filling:

1) Former Foster Youth:
We want to bring on a former foster youth who aged out of care. Ideally, this individual will also have some experience working in child welfare, particularly supporting youth aging out of foster care.

2) TAY Support Professional:
We also want to bring on another individual who has experience in one or more of the following areas of service supporting youth aging out of care: education, housing, life skills, relationships (mentoring), or legal issues (e.g., someone with CASA experience).

Here is a high-level overview of the expectations serving on the AOI Board of Directors…

  • Board members can live anywhere in the USA.
  • Board members attend four virtual Board of Directors meetings each year – one per quarter.
  • Board members are volunteers…this is not a paid position.
  • Board members are expected to follow through on any tasks they offer to take on during board meetings.
  • Positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President are two-year terms (elections will be held during our December, 2022 board meeting).

If you are interested in seeing who is currently on the AOI Board of Directors, click HERE.

If you are interested in supporting Aging Out Institute by serving on its Board of Directors, please fill out the form below. For the Statement of Interest, please explain why you want to serve on the AOI Board of Directors. We also ask that you upload a copy of your resume.

We will follow up by scheduling virtual meetings with the finalists.  Thanks so much for considering this!

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