Camp Graves Fundraising Brainstorming Session Registration Form
    April 12th
    1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

    This brainstorming session is to help a nonprofit organization plan for a transitional housing program for youth aging out of foster care. Below is a description of what Cassy Basham is building in Kentucky and why we've pulled together this meeting:

    "Camp Graves is a nonprofit organization located in Graves County, Kentucky. Our mission began with the December 10th, 2021, tornado recovery effort. While doing the work of creating temporary interim housing for tornado survivors, we saw the opportunity to take a temporary influx of resources to create permanent programs to benefit our region long after the tornado need is met. One of these unique resources is "shipping container houses." We have temporarily acquired six of these houses and want to maintain them permanently on the property for a "Fostering Potential" program. This program would reach out to foster children at least a year from aging out who are not being adopted or will not remain in their foster placement after they turn 18. Once they are in the program and living at Camp Graves in their individual house, they must complete their basic education, obtain their driver's license, enter college, trade school or be employed. With life and finance skills classes, we will give these kids the opportunity to become successfully independent adults breaking negative cycles that hinder their personal progress while also preventing these negative cycles in the future.

    I look forward to meeting everyone during the brainstorming session to talk about the program more in depth, share thoughts and ideas about program content, and work together to find funding solutions."

    If you would like to help this new transitional housing program by sharing ideas about finding funding for a new program like this, please send in the names and email addresses of up to two people from your organization who will be attending this meeting.

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