AOI Toolbox Document Sharing Center

In 2021, AOI will be launching the AOI Toolbox, a repository of documents submitted by organizations throughout the country that work with young people aging out of foster care. This is service that enables organizations in order to share their strategies and minimize the need for others to “recreate the wheel.” Organizations can then go into the Toolbox and download the documents that they find interesting, revise them to meet their own unique needs, and then utilize them in their own programs. Here are just a few document types that have been requested:

  • Youth application forms
  • Mentor program outlines
  • Volunteer or intern manuals
  • Checklist of basic things youth need to live on their own
  • Mental health checklists to help volunteers know what signs to look for

Get One Year of Free Access
In the future, there may be an annual fee to access the Toolbox, but our plan is to waive the annual fee for every individual who submits a unique document. For example, if there are five unique document submissions from your organization, then five people will be given a year of access. Each submission form will need to have a unique name and email connected with it in order for each person to get credit for having submitted a form. (If the same person submits all five documents, then only that person will be given access.) Of course, one person is more than welcome to submit more than one document, if desired. (NOTE: The first year of access will begin on the date that the AOI Toolbox goes live. There is no limit to the total number of documents an organization can submit.)

Remove Organization Branding
Before submitting a document, please make sure all of your organization branding is removed. We want the documents shared to be as generic as possible so they can be easily edited and updated by other AOI Toolbox users.

Submit Common Formats
Please submit documents that can be edited. (For example, do not submit a PDF document if a Word version exists.) We prefer to receive the following formats, which most organizations can work with: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Ensure Document Meets Criteria
AOI will review each submission to ensure it is appropriate for the Toolbox. Documents must be 1) related to working with young people aging out of foster care, 2) grammatically correct, and 3) under 10MB in size. If the document does not meet our criteria, we will contact you to let you know if there are any adjustments that could be made that would enable it to pass the review process.

Agree to Copyright Waiver
By submitting a document, you agree to waive intellectual property rights for that document so that any visitor to the AOI Toolbox may download, change, and use the document you have submitted for their own purposes.

Submit a Document
Use the form below to submit a document and let us know who you are (so you get credit for the submission). Thank you for participating in our new AOI Toolbox!

AOI Toolbox Document Submission Form
Please give your document a name that describes its purpose.
Provide a description of how you use the document and why it is useful to your organization.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload one document per form submission.

We are all working toward the same goal – to help young people in foster care transition to adulthood successfully, so let’s help each other be more effective and efficient.

We are currently collecting documents for the AOI Toolbox and we have already received a few. As soon as we receive 100 documents, we will load them and launch the Toolbox. Please consider sharing at least one of yours!