The AOI Toolbox is a collection of documents that have been donated by organizations that work with youth aging out of care in order to share their strategies and minimize the need for others to “recreate the wheel.” Some document types that have been requested by organizations include:

  • Youth application forms
  • Checklist of basic things that need to be in place for youth to live on their own
  • Mental health checklists to help volunteers know what signs to look for
  • Volunteer or intern manuals
  • Mentor program outlines

Eventually, there will be an annual payment to access the AOI toolbox that will help AOI maintain and continue to grow the collection. For now, any organization that donates a document will be given a year of access for one person in the organization. For every additional document donated to the toolbox, another person in the organization can have access. For example, if an organization donates five documents, then five people from the organization will be able to access the toolbox for a year. (The document must be approved by AOI before access is granted. Documents that will be accepted are those that are relevant to working with youth aging out of care and that have been stripped of any organization branding.)

Our first step will be to collect documents, review and approve them, and then add them to the AOI Toolbox site. Our goal is to enable access to the Toolbox in May of 2021, at which time we will begin tracking everyone’s annual access permission.


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