Course Overview: 
This course is an introductory overview of the concept of resiliency and how child welfare practitioners can help foster youth build and strengthen resiliency to be better able to manage adversity and trauma.
2 hours
Continuing Education Credits:
2.0 CEs (from NASW)
60 days

Target Audience:
This course is designed for any child professional practitioner, including social workers, psychologists, counselors, and anyone who works for organizations that provide services to foster youth.

How to Take This Course:
To register for this course, click the button below to go to AOI’s course website. Select this course and walk through the steps to register for the course.

Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, learners will:

  • Understand what resiliency is;
  • Recognize that resiliency is not a static trait, but rather a dynamic characteristic that can be developed and strengthened;
  • Identify several protective factors that help to promote and reinforce resiliency in youth; and
  • Recall strategies that can help build resiliency in foster youth.

Course Outline:

  1. Welcome
  2. Course objectives
  3. Podcast: Interview with Naketa Ross from ResilientMe, Inc.
  4. Key takeaways from podcast
  5. Report #1: Promoting Development of Resilience among Young People in Foster Care (Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, 2012)
  6. Key takeaways from report #1
  7. Report #2: Promoting Protective Factors for Children and Youth in Foster Care: A Guide for Practitioners (Child Welfare Information Gateway, 2015)
  8. Key takeaways from report #2
  9. Applying what you’ve learned
  10. Quiz
  11. Course evaluation

Lynn Tonini, M.Ed., CPTD is the Founder and Owner of Aging Out Institute (AOI), an organization dedicated to connecting the professionals who work with foster youth with resources and strategies that help youth age out of foster care and into adulthood successfully. Lynn was in foster care herself from the age of 14 until she aged out at 18 during her freshman year at Gettysburg College.

Lynn’s passion to give back led her to work for 13 years at Milton Hershey School, a residential school in Pennsylvania for children from at-risk backgrounds. While there, she earned her master’s degree through the schools tuition reimbursement program. She left the school to focus on building her skills in online and in-person training development, training facilitation, and project management. In addition, she worked on a team that ran an international awards program and taught college level classes at Harrisburg University. Since 2014, her time has been balanced between running AOI and working with corporate clients to build employee training programs.