We are all working toward the same goal – to help young people in foster care transition to adulthood successfully, so let’s help each other be more effective and efficient! The AOI Community is an online platform for organizations and individuals that support youth aging out of foster care. This community will enable us to break down geographic barriers in order to collaboratively build and share best practices – ultimately to improve outcomes for these young people. Below are some of the elements of the community.

Communities of Interest
There will be specific Communities of Interest available to all participants, including (but not limited to) Education, Employment, Housing, Relationships, Measuring Success, Wellness, etc. Participants can join whichever Communities of Interest they find interesting. Discussions in these communities should be focused on the identified interest.

AOI Donations for Participating in the Community
To help build energy and interest in this community, AOI is going to offer incentives – donations to organizations for exceptional participation in the community. For example, individuals who are most active on the community (posts, replies, likes, etc.) will earn a donation for their organizations. These donations will be distributed monthly after the AOI Community is launched.

Monthly Challenges
After launching the AOI Community, AOI will pose monthly challenges for the entire community based on common problems that most – if not all – organizations face. The solution that gets the most “likes” and/or the most replies/comments will earn an incentive donation for the organization that posted it.

Resource Sharing
The AOI Community will have different ways for organizations to share documents, links to resources, etc. The organizations that shares the most resources each month will earn a donation from AOI.

Community Learning Summaries
AOI will summarize the community discussions, drawing the key learnings and capturing them in summaries that will be available to all participants. This will enable participants to find key learnings more easily than having to scroll down through dozens of conversations to find them.

Annual Access Contribution
Organizations or individuals will pay an annual access fee in order to access the AOI Community. See the image on this page for the different amounts based on whether you would be accessing as an organization, individual, or student.


Access Levels

The cost to participate is based on the size of the organization or program (number of employees, including full-time and part-time). For example, if an organization has anywhere from one (1) to ten (10) full-time and/or part-time employees, that organization would join at the Small Organization/Program level.

Please note that those interested in signing up for the AOI Community would determine the appropriate level based on the number of employees who work to support youth aging out of foster care.

Organization: If the mission of the entire organization focuses on youth aging out of care, then you would count the total number of employees in the organization.

Program: If the staff who works with youth aging out of care work for a program within an organization (such as a program within a university that supports these youth), then you would count the total number of employees within that program – not the entire organization.

Individuals: Individuals who are not employed by a nonprofit organization or program that supports youth aging out of care may gain access at the individual level.

Students: Students who are actively enrolled in a higher education institution may register at the student level. Students must have a college or university email address to gain access at the student level.

Click the laptop image above to register for our community!